18-12-2018 - Website - kevingallagher.ie

The kevingallagher.ie website appeared on the web yesterday morning. This is the proof of concept stage.
There is still a lot of editing to be done, primarily with content. Writing site copy is never an easy task. The page layouts will undergo some changes as we prune away to make the site leaner.

In this situation, the saying "less is more" is prudent. The ideal is to pique user interest without overwhelming.
As this is a site that offers a unique personal service for individual clients, the range of services offered are simply shown. The experience and qualifications of the person offering these services are also presented in a direct fashion.
Intuitive points of contact are made available. Maps, email addresses and phone numbers are easily found.
Further elaboration can be added organically and quickly

The core statement, "Supporting you on your journey to mental health and empowerment."
can be found within each page banner and as the final line of the footer.
This will form the central SEO theme, if it is decided in the future for the site to go 'live'.

Kevin and I meet over coffee, when we can, in Dublin for a chat and to catch up. Sometime last year he said that he was unhappy with his current website. It was difficult for him to update and he had little control over the SEO. The after sales support was not the best, he felt. We both had backgrounds in IT and had done some work on web design, so the idea was born that we would just do it ourselves. We would return to the subject and chat further. And further.

On a couple of occasions, I had an inclination to just go ahead and see if I could come up with a plan and start coding.
So, one week-end I did. I was very surprised when the outline of the first pages began to appear on my lappy.
I had hunted down a template that I thought might fit the bill, made a purchase and started playing around with it.
It took a long time to see how it all worked together. Now and again I would spend an evening or two and get a photo gallery to work, or learn how the various content columns worked, or change the CSS and create a total mess. I would find myself at three o' clock in the morning trying to redesign the page footer. Then return to it the next evening and complete it in an hour. Giggling away, thoroughly enjoying myself, having spent the previous night giving out to myself in frustration. When I see the results appear on the web it makes all the effort worthwhile.
It began as a hobby and has grown into something more.

Three further websites are now in progress.
kgtherapy.ie - appeared on the web yesterday evening.
dolf.tech - this site, is becoming a journal. This is the first page. Still have to find my voice.
dolf.ie - Domain name, hosting & template have been purchased. 3 months+ learning curve. In my minds eye it looks good.